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We would be interested in the following points regarding your market:

  • How many Nuclear Medicine laboratories are working in the country?
  • How many Nuclear Medicine departments are you in direct connection with?
  • Is there any private nuclear medicine service?
  • What are the main products they are working with? 
  • Which competitor products are on the market at the moment?
  • What would be the way of import?
  • If registration is needed - what are the conditions of the registration?
  • Price of registration, language of registration, time needed for authority for registration, required list of documents for registration?
  • Do you have any experience with the local drug authority concerning a drug product registration?
  • Can you manage the registration with the authority or do you use a consulting company?
  • Do you have an own warehouse for stocking?
  • Is there a Qualified Person for Pharmacovigiliance (QPPV) at your company in case of drug safety issues?